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students.jpg (4636 bytes)The New School of English specialises in teaching General English and Examination courses to all levels, from complete beginners to advanced level. Courses run from a minimum stay of two weeks up to a 9 month Academic Year Course. Please see below for details.

For General English students can choose either the Standard or the Intensive Course. Each lesson is 45 minutes long.

The Standard Course is 20 lessons a week (15 hours a week) and is mornings only. Class starts at 9.30am and finishes at 12.50pm. There is a break each morning from 11.00am to 11.20am.

lookatglobe.jpg (3372 bytes)The Intensive Course is 28 lessons a week (21 hours a week) . In addition to the morning class, students have class in the afternoon from 2.00 to 3.30pm from Monday to Thursday. There is no class on Friday afternoon. Afternoon classes offer a choice of options. Each option usually lasts for four weeks and it is possible to change to a different option at the start of each new short course.

Afternoon Options
These classes give students the opportunity to study and practice English in a context of personal interest. An option requires a minimum of four students in order to run.

1. Communication Skills
We have designed special intensive Listening and Speaking Options for students to improve skills rapidly in these two important areas. Students are encouraged to expand their vocabulary and improve their pronunciation.

2. Language Through Text and Vision
The emphasis is on discovering and using language through the context of video and literature. Works by novelists, playwrights and scriptwriters are studied in order to analyse structure and lexis, and increase cultural sensitivity. Students need to be of a good Intermediate level before choosing this option.

3. English for Business
English for business concentrates on topics which are related to a needs analysis carried out at the beginning of each short course. Typically students will practise business skills such as using the telephone, negotiating, holding meetings and giving presentations. Coursework also includes writing business faxes and e-mail.

4. Exam Preparation Classes
Students preparing for exams often need extra practice during the course. These classes are organised according to demand. For students taking an IELTS/TOEFL Course the afternoons are for exam preparation only.

5. Study Skills
Practice is given in reading comprehension, summary writing and oral presentations. It is particularly useful of students intending to study at University.

6. Special Courses
The School can organise one-to-one courses and specialised options, such as medical English, and travel and tourism. Many of our corporate clients choose to follow a General English Course in the morning and then have one-to-one tuition in the afternoon as a cost-effective and successful way to make the most of a limited stay.

What the students say about their language course

" Before the course I was frightened of Grammar...after that I learned a lot. My learning character changed. I enjoy and like the language. Thank you for everything. I'll never forget this time."
Csaba, 38, Bank Director, Hungary

"I had an excellent possibility to improve my ability to speak and to listen. Now I understand English grammar much better."
Gytis, 30, Nuclear Power Plant Employee, Lithuania

"Lively lessons and very good tuition"
Carmen, 28, Switzerland

"Very interesting topics - very active way of introducing grammar subjects. I improved my listening in a satisfying way. Very creative teaching."
Laura, 35, Italy

"She teaches a lot of vocabulary, grammar, intonation - excellent."
Freya, 22, Germany

"Good management people who are easily approachable - top quality teaching."
Mohammed, 29, British Council registrar, Yemen


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